Movin’ On Up – to the West Side!

They say change is good for the soul. At 15000 Inc. Consulting Engineer we’ve been changing and growing at a frenetic pace over the summer. Most of the changes have been carefully planned. One of the changes came out of left field and took us all by surprise. Yet, it is interesting to see how ALL of the changes have energized the entire staff.15000 sign

Our increasing work load required adding additional engineers. While we liked the convenience of our downtown office space, there was just no room to grow. It was time to change.

On September 15 we moved our office to the architecturally significant Mansi Professional Building at 2901 Cleveland Avenue. The office is 1/2 mile north of Coddingtown Mall.

We are still in the throes of getting the office together. With the help of interior designer Kim George, we are creating a colorful and creative work space. This is NOT your typical engineering office!

The Mansi Professional Building
The Mansi Professional Building

We hope to have all the interior complete in the next few weeks and we will then schedule an open house. Frankly we’re looking forward to showing off our beautiful new office.

It’s interesting how we tend to resist change, but once the leap is taken, how it can refresh the imagination and excite the soul!

In the immortal words of George Jefferson, “We’ve finally got a piece of the pie!”

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