Corte Madera Town Center
Client: Colliers International
Services: Hydronic Piping, HVAC

Owned and managed by Colliers International, the Corte Madera Town Center is Marin County’s most popular shopping destination. This sprawling and sophisticated shopping center is home to many exclusive stores and restaurants popular with the rich and famous.

The outward appearance of the facility is new and stylish, but hidden in a dark room was one old, ugly, leaking boiler. The hot water heating boiler was originally installed in 1970 and besides being inefficient; it no longer met the Bay Area air quality standards of Low Nox emissions.

The boiler system provides heating to the water source heat pump loop that serves fan coils for all retail and office spaces in the shopping center.

A significant challenge for this project was to integrate the new digitally controlled boiler functions into the antiquated, all-electric control system.

It was not in the facilities budget to replace the entire loop system controls. A detailed field analysis of the existing control components and sequences was conducted by 15000 Inc. engineers. This information allowed us to design a creative control system that integrated the old electric controls with the new digitally controlled boiler and pumping system.

The new boiler system will keep the shoppers at the Corte Madera Town Center toasty-warm for many years to come.