Double Tree Hotel
Client: Lerner Assocates Architects
Services: ADA Upgrades, Plumbing

When Lerner and Associates Architects of San Francisco needed a partner to assist with the ADA Upgrades at the Doubletree Hilton in Rohnert Park, they chose 15000 Inc.. The project involved renovating guest rooms and public areas to be fully ADA compliant. The work had to be performed on a phased basis as to hotel had to remain in operation through-out the construction.

The additional space requirements required by the upgrades affected many aspects of the facility and required a detailed constructability analysis by our engineers. The design solutions required a construction-savvy engineering team that understood the details of plumbing fixture connections, pipe fittings and the required installation clearances. The high standards set by Doubletree Hilton had to be maintained throughout the project, while still ensuring the many aspects of ADA compliance were achieved.

The landmark Doubletree Hilton is not only a beautiful hotel but is now ADA compliant for all of its plumbing fixtures and fittings. While some projects are not glamorous, being part of a team that provided handicapped access for this facility was a rewarding experience for 15000 Inc.