Fire Scout Hangar
Fire Scout Hangar
Client: USN
Services: Classified

What do you get when you combine an unmanned rotorcraft surveillance drone with the US Navy’s Aerial Command Center? You get Northrop Grumman’s MQ-8B “Transformational Fire Scout Vertical Takeoff and Landing Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle system”. And you thought it was the military that came up with these bizarre names?

The Fire Scout is the US Navy’s cutting-edge unmanned helicopter capable of autonomous take-off and landing from any aviation capable warship. It is also very cool!

This design-build project had 15000 Inc. partnered with John F. Jones and Company to design and build the support facility for the Navy’s latest technological wonder.

We’d like to tell you more about the project but the military’s non-disclosure penalty makes Gitmo sound like a vacation resort…

Suffice it to say that the Navy’s Fire Scout may be coming to a conflict near you, thanks in part, to 15000 Inc.