Sonoma Library
Client: Axia Architects
Services: Plumbing, Fire Protection

Axia Architects engaged 15000 Inc. to provide the HVAC, plumbing and fire protection design for the complete renovation of the Sonoma Library. The project started with a complete evaluation of all existing building systems, equipment and controls.

As with many public agencies, funding of capital projects can be challenge, and this project was no different. The building evaluation identified those systems that were re-usable and those that required replacement. All new systems and components were carefully evaluated for both function and cost. As the project progressed, the budget was updated and approved.

The end result was a modern Library that was ADA compliant and run by energy efficient and water-conserving, mechanical and plumbing systems. 15000 Inc. also incorporated a fire sprinkler system into the project to ensure the Library is fully protected.

While we love to work on the projects with the big budgets and grand ideas, there is a certain satisfaction in helping a local community get the Library they dreamed of, at a budget they could afford.

Creative thinking and a budget minded approach by 15000 Inc., help revive the Library that helps bring the community together and opens young minds.