15000, Inc.

Dillon Northrop Fools 15000 Inc. Into Hiring Him!

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  We thought we had found a mature, responsible employee (something seriously lacking in our office) to help stabilize our growing firm. Dillon looks professional, sounds professional and...

200 Ton Crane Hoist at Marin County Jail

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This past Saturday I spent the day over-seeing the replacement of the air handling unit at Marin County Jail. This engineering project started months ago and quickly became a challenge when we...

South Korea – The Best of Engineering and Architecture

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A small portion of downtown Seoul viewed from the south side of the Han River. When you hear “South Korea”, what do you think of? The stand-off with North Korea over the DMZ? Or, perhaps, One of...

Movin’ On Up – to the West Side!

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They say change is good for the soul. At 15000 Inc. Consulting Engineer we’ve been changing and growing at a frenetic pace over the summer. Most of the changes have been carefully planned....

15000 Inc. Principal Doing Hard Time at Marin County Jail

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The Criminal: Gary Welch The Crime: HVAC Design The Sentence:  72 Hours of hard time at the Marin County Jail The ironic “Welcome” sign at Marin County Jail When you pass through the...

How to Get Maximum Cooling from your Swamp Cooler

My wife, Linda, and I have a cabin in a hot, dry, little town no one has ever heard of – Groveland, California. Summertime temperatures regularly reach above the 100 degree mark. The cabin...

To Touch or Not to Touch? Ladies You CAN Try This at Home

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Who says toilets can’t be sexy? ( I mean besides everyone…) 

Job Site Solution to a Challenging Buried Pipeline Problem

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We don’t need no stinkin’ Confined Space Permit! Video: Working on a pipe in Romania