EquestThe 2013 California Energy Code (CEC)  places new emphasis, and requirements, on building energy efficiency.  These stringent requirements necessitate the coordination between architect and engineer, early in the design process, to ensure the building will meet the Title 24 requirements.

This process can no longer be purely left to the energy consultant to “make it work”. For this reason it is critical to have a knowledgeable expert on your team who can review these issues in the conceptual stage of your project.

15000 Inc. has the knowledge and leadership ability to guide your team to the right energy solutions.

We will run preliminary analysis to determine envelope and system targets to get the project started on the right track. As the project progresses, we will update the energy model to ensure full compliance with the Energy Code.

USGBCLastly we will provide full Title 24 Energy Compliance Documentation for the project, signed and stamped by our registered professional engineers.

Have a question about the new code? Please feel free to call us at 707-577-0363.


  • Whole Building Energy Modeling
  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis
  • Envelope Analysis
  • LEED Certification Modeling  and Compliance
  • Title 24 Energy Modeling and Documentation
  • Savings By Design Calculations and Rebate Documentation
  • PG&E Rebate Calculations and Documentation



  • Building Energy Consumption
  • Equipment Retrofit and Payback Analysis
  • Fenestration Analysis


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