Cannabis Grow Room Condensate Reclaim Systems

Cannabis grow rooms can save thousands of gallons of water, and hundreds of dollars a month, by installing air conditioning condensate reclaim systems.

Cannabis plants eject about 90% of the water they take in by the process known as transpiration . Cannabis leaf transpiration puts the fertigation water right back into the grow room air where it is absorbed. This results in ever-increasing humidity levels which can result in mold and powdery mildew growth if not removed.

Most grow rooms use dehumidifiers to remove the moisture and maintain healthy humidity levels. A dehumidifier is a refrigeration system with two copper tube and aluminum fin coils. A refrigeration compressor pumps the refrigerant between the coils to cool the air and condense the moisture out of the grow room air.

Most grow rooms dump this condensate down the drain. However, the increased emphasis on water conservation in California, and other states, is driving the industry to reclaim what is essentially distilled water. Dehumidifier condensate water is perfectly usable, even for consumable plants. There are almost no detectable metals, as long as the air entering the dehumidifier is filtered.

Air conditioning condensate reclaim systems are simple in nature and comparatively inexpensive. Instead of piping the condensate to a floor drain, it is collected in a common piping system that discharges into a collection tank. The collection tank incorporates an over-flow level control that allows excess condensate to drain in the event the fertigation system is full.



The water is drawn out of the collection tank through a strainer which removes the larger particles of detritus that may have collected in the system. It is then pumped through a filtration system.

The filtration system consists of a series of filters that remove finer contaminants, pathogens and bacteria as well as PH balancing the water. This “cleaned” water is then piped to the fertigation water system.

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Many jurisdictions place limitations on sewer discharges. The limitations may include premium sewer charges and/or penalties for exceeding daily limits. Incorporating a condensate reclaim system can avoid these issues while saving thousands of dollars a year in utility water bills.

Organizations that reduce water consumption will be better situated to succeed in this increasingly competitive market.

At 15000 Inc. we are specialists in cannabis engineering. We can help you design a cost effective, money-saving water reclaim system for your facility that meets all state and local codes. Why not call us right now at 707-577-0363 and discuss your facility with one of our cannabis engineers?



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