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15000 Inc. is proficient in the design of potable water, gray water, storm and waste water systems. Our piping and plumbing designs promote water and energy conservation while ensuring each system includes safe waste transfer and venting. We are specialists in ADA upgrades in Sonoma County.


We incorporate many environmentally friendly, water-saving techniques into our projects including low-flow or no-flow fixtures, rainwater harvesting and collection, and condensate water collection. Additionally, 15000 Inc. engineers design solar water heating systems that harness the energy of the sun to heat water. These cost-effective, user-friendly green systems can be incorporated into most new projects and retrofits.


Waste removal systems are integral for the safety and health of your building and its occupants. As sustainable buildings feature more low-flow fixtures, the design of waste systems has become even more critical to ensure adequate sizing of piping and, in some case cases, the correct collection of gray water for water conservation.



  • Domestic Water and Industrial Water

  • Drainage Systems

  • Medical & Laboratory Gases

    Hot Water Heating Boiler Installation

    Hot Water Heating Boiler Installation

  • Acid Waste

  • Natural Gas & Propane

  • Fuel Oil Systems

  • Compressed Air Systems

  • Grease Waste Systems

  • Grey Water Reclamation

  • Condensate Recovery

  • Rainwater Collection and Re-use Systems

  • Solar Hot Water System

  • Winery Glycol Systems






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