How to Get Maximum Cooling from your Swamp Cooler

My wife, Linda, and I have a cabin in a hot, dry, little town no one has ever heard of – Groveland, California. Summertime temperatures regularly reach above the 100 degree mark. The cabin came with a rooftop evaporative cooler, AKA “swamp cooler”. The unit seemed to...

Net Zero Water Usage – the WAVE of the Future is Now

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The new plumbing code is pushing California closer to the ideal of net zero water usage. The new fixtures and technologies means the future is now. See how one multi-unit development met this challenge today – with readily available fixtures and simple ideas.

Building Inspector Catches Unapproved Changes to the Plans

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HVAC and plumbing engineering is a building code driven science. The new 2013 California Building Codes, including the new CalGreen Code, are becoming voluminous and ever more complex. As a result our engineering designs must become more complex – and our permit documents...

The Six Guys You Meet In Engineering – A Female Student’s Perspective

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Ok, so HVAC and Plumbing design engineers have a reputation for being somewhat dorky. I mean, who would go into this field by choice? Any yes, you can certainly here some strange conversations around the offices of 15000 Inc. Recently a major argument occurred over whether glass...

To Touch or Not to Touch? Ladies You CAN Try This at Home

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Who says toilets can’t be sexy? ( I mean besides everyone…) 

Job Site Solution to a Challenging Buried Pipeline Problem

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We don’t need no stinkin’ Confined Space Permit! Video: Working on a pipe in Romania

15000 Inc’s. Creative Plumbing Designs Set New CalGreen Standard!

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These new and creative solutions to real world plumbing problems are indicative of the epic genius of 15000 Inc, engineers!