South Korea – The Best of Engineering and Architecture

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A small portion of downtown Seoul viewed from the south side of the Han River. When you hear “South Korea”, what do you think of? The stand-off with North Korea over the DMZ? Or, perhaps, One of the eleven bullet trains serving the country. Cruising speed is 190 MPH! “an...

The Six Guys You Meet In Engineering – A Female Student’s Perspective

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Ok, so HVAC and Plumbing design engineers have a reputation for being somewhat dorky. I mean, who would go into this field by choice? Any yes, you can certainly here some strange conversations around the offices of 15000 Inc. Recently a major argument occurred over whether glass...
Mattew Torre

Matthew Torre passed the California State Professional Engineers exam

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15000 Inc. is proud to announce that our long time employee Matthew Torre recently passed the California State Professional Engineers exam and is now a duly licensed PE. Matthew has promised that he won’t forget us little people has he claws his way to the top of our industry!...