15000 Inc. Named Top Mechanical Engineering Firm by the North Bay Business Journal

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NBBJ Names 15000 Inc. Top Mechanical Engineering Firm for 2015

The North Bay Business Journal “Book of Lists 2015” has named 15000 Inc. the top mechanical engineering firm in the San Francisco North Bay. This has been achieved by a simple concept;

Engineering For All

In a few short years, expertise, humor and passion at 15000 Inc. has driven us to the forefront of our field. It began with an idea to do better engineering with a sense of humor. Thanks to our friends and partners, we have grown to be northern California’s leader in mechanical systems Consulting Engineering.

 What keeps us a leader in our field is the day to day responsiveness to those who choose to work with us. Whether it’s the General Services Administration, the US Air Force or Army, the school districts all across northern California or the many contractors and facility owners we work with, we help lead our friends and partners through the challenges of each project.

 The term “leadership” has become a worn out cliché. It is a buzzword intended to convey a concept that rarely exists in the engineering world. Everyone uses it, but no one defines it. Without definition, “leadership” is meaningless.

 This is what leadership means at 15000 Inc.:

 We are social engineers that shape the way our friends and partners think, feel and act.

 We help our friends and partners think about the many decisions related to the mechanical systems in a building. We inform them of the components and relative benefits and costs. We educate them about our systems to demonstrate the thinking behind our recommendations

 We help our friends and partners feel the importance of issues and how they may achieve their personal priorities. The sense of humor that pervades our office can make a rough day feel just a little bit better.

 We act with a responsiveness that sets us apart. We relieve some of the project stress and worry for our partners and friends by getting our work done on time. We listen to the needs of the project and act accordingly.

 The people we work with are not our clients. They are our friends and partners.

 A building consists of a group of systems. The architectural systems, the structural system, the electrical system, the life safety system and the mechanical system

 Engineering for All means we share our knowledge so our friends and partners can think, feel and act according to the needs of all of the building systems.

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