15000 Inc. Party Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary, New Office and Christmas

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It’s been a banner year – and an amazing decade for 15000 Inc. Our company has changed, moved and expanded in a very short period of time. It seems a commitment to great engineering + great people + competitive fees + client responsiveness + a great sense of humor is...

The Six Guys You Meet In Engineering – A Female Student’s Perspective

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Ok, so HVAC and Plumbing design engineers have a reputation for being somewhat dorky. I mean, who would go into this field by choice? Any yes, you can certainly here some strange conversations around the offices of 15000 Inc. Recently a major argument occurred over whether glass...
Mattew Torre

Matthew Torre passed the California State Professional Engineers exam

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15000 Inc. is proud to announce that our long time employee Matthew Torre recently passed the California State Professional Engineers exam and is now a duly licensed PE. Matthew has promised that he won’t forget us little people has he claws his way to the top of our industry!...