McDonald Mansion
Client: John Webley
Services: HVAC
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The McDonald Mansion is truly an architectural wonder and an important historical structure in the City of Santa Rosa. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places in Sonoma County.

When Rynerson Obrien Architecture needed a mechanical and plumbing engineering to rebuild the Mansion to historical standards, they engaged 15000 Inc.. This began a 3 year odyssey to disassemble and rebuild the Mansion to the requirements of the California Historical Code.

The original 1879 design of the Mansion did not allow for ducted air distribution systems to heat and cool the 5000 square foot building. There was little or no room to add new ductwork and still maintain the historical requirements of the building. In order to solve this dilemma, 15000 Inc. designed a Small Duct High Velocity System to heat and cool all areas of the mansion. The quiet high velocity fan coil units employ hot water heating coils and DX cooling coils. Air to the individual rooms is supplied by 2” diameter round floor outlets.

Multiple compact condensing boilers were employed to provide an exceedingly efficient hot water heating system, while taking up minimal floor space.

It was truly an honor for 15000 Inc. to participate in the remodeling of Santa Rosa’s grandest mansion.