Russian River Brewing Company
Client: Tierney Figueiredo Architects
Services: Plumbing
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If you live in the North Bay and enjoy microbrews, then odds are you’ve heard of Pliny the Younger. The Triple India Pale Ale rocketed to international fame when Beer Advocate named it the Best Beer in the World. Pliny the Younger is only available in extremely limited quantities, and only for a few days a year. The microbrew has become an annual pilgrimage for beer lovers who stand in line for hours just for the hope of getting a taste of the Triple IPA.

The owners of the Russian River Brewing Company contacted 15000 Inc. when the success of their company mandated increased production for their microbrews.

Working closely with their Brew Master, we translated their needs into the various mechanical systems necessary for a leading edge microbrewery. The systems included high pressure steam for the brewing kettles, waste water reclaim and treatment, multiple ventilation systems and a number of specialty plumbing systems required by a modern brewery.

And yes, the employees of 15000 Inc. have been known to hang out on the sidewalk, once a year, to get a taste of Pliny the Younger.