GSA Cafeteria
GSA Cafeteria
Client: Federal Government
Services: HVAC

The General Services Administration of the Federal Government can be an intimidating and complex partner on any construction project. When you couple this with an all-new 10,000 square foot Kitchen and Cafeteria on the ground floor of a an existing high-rise building – well, you have to do it right the first time.

15000 Inc. performed an extensive evaluation of the building’s existing systems to determine the appropriate HVAC and Plumbing equipment for the new Cafeteria.

In order to save energy and improve Kitchen operation a Variable Volume Kitchen Hoods with Infra-red technology were employed to ensure that the General Services Administration maximizes the efficiency of the HVAC system.

As part of our scope 15000 Inc. performed complete commissioning services to ensure that all aspects of the design were achieved. 15000 Inc. has completed a number of GSA projects and is familiar with their design and construction methods. It’s not difficult when you know what you’re doing.