Beale Air Force Base
The U-2 "Dragon Lady" landing at Beale AFB. The support vehicle has a pilot on board who assists the flying pilot with landing this two-wheeled roller skate.
Preparing a Global Hawk for a mission at Beale Air Force Base
Client: USAF
Services: Classified

15000 Inc. continues to serve our men in blue at various design-build projects at Beale Air Force Base. Beale AFB is the home of the U-2 Dragon Lady and the Global Hawk program.

The U-2 provides high-altitude, all-weather surveillance and reconnaissance, day or night, in direct support of U.S. and allied forces.

The Global Hawk Unmanned Aerial Vehicle provides Air Force and joint battlefield commanders near-real-time, high-resolution intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance imagery.

The 9th Reconnaissance Wing is headquartered at Beale AFB. The wing maintains a high state of readiness in its expeditionary combat support forces for potential deployment in response to theater contingencies. At any given moment, day or night, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, there is probably a U-2 aircraft from the 9th RW flying an operational mission somewhere in the world.

We have partnered with multiple construction teams to provide turn-key design-build solutions for a number of projects on the base and elsewhere.

We’d like to tell you what projects we’re working on, but then we’d have to kill you….