Los Gatos PD
Client: Los Gatos PD
Services: Energy Modeling

Los Gatos PDThe Los Gatos Police Department was one of those projects that can over-whelm a smaller, less organized firm. The effort included extensive design analysis, repeated planning reviews, value engineering exercises, extensive energy and rebate analysis, security design issues, life cycle cost analysis and all the other complexities of municipal work. If managed properly, such a project can be a rewarding experience. Such was the case for 15000 Inc. as the Los Gatos/Monte Sereno police officers occupied their new, energy and water efficient facility.

The over-all design of the facility was energy-modeled and exceeded the Title 24 requirements by 16%. This resulted in a significant PGE rebate via the PG&E Savings By Design program. The 15000 Inc. energy modeling engineers worked closely with Ross Drulis Cusenbery Architects to achieve these significant life cycle cost savings.

Savings by Design