Queen of the Valley Hospital
Queen of the Valley Hospital
Client: HGA Architecture
Services: Plumbing, HVAC

Founded in 1958, Queen of the Valley Hospital has become the largest, most comprehensive health care facility in the region. Located in the beautiful Napa Valley, the hospital serves the community far beyond the traditional medical model.

15000 Inc. has been fortunate to assist the hospital with many facility upgrades over the years. These OSHPD projects are even more challenging, in many cases, due to the age of some of the facilities. Those with Office of Statewide Planning and Health experience can appreciate the complexity of integrating new systems and technologies into older buildings.

This type of work requires a thorough knowledge of not only the OSHPD codes, but also of the wide range of OSHPD interpretations, methodologies and construction requirements.

Some of the projects 15000 Inc. has been involved with include a remodel to the dialysis department including new HVAC, Plumbing and the Reagent Water System for the dialysis boxes.

When a major upgrade to the surgical department was needed, 15000 Inc. partnered with HGA Architects to design and manage the construction process.

It seems technology upgrades are a never-ending process for modern hospitals and Queen of the Valley is no different. As their new technologies increased, so did the cooling requirements for the Information Systems data center and satellite closets. 15000 Inc. provided design and construction services to upgrade the infrastructure to these critical systems.

Nuclear Medicine has become an integral part of major hospital facility. Designing the multitude of systems for these complex departments, and coordinating with the physical space limitations of an existing building, is no easy feat. It requires a thorough understanding of constructability issues as well as detailed coordination with owner, architect, user groups, equipment vendors and hospital facility staff. 15000 Inc. was called in to assist with this work when the hospital made the decision to upgrade their Nuclear Medicine Department with all-new medical equipment.

The upgrade of modern hospitals is a never-ending process as new technologies, medical equipment and systems are developed. 15000 Inc. has many years of experience in leading design and construction teams through this process.